Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Adventures in Science

4th graders are busy preparing for the state science assessment. The students will take the test on April 23rd and 24th. During computer time, we are using the science section of Study Island to help prepare for the science assessment.  If possible, please encourage your child to utilize Study Island at home as well.
In science, we have been studying the water cycle, rocks and conservation. During our water cycle unit, students became raindrops and went on a journey to better understand how the water cycle works.  Each student wrote a story about their adventure as a raindrop.  In order to help the students prepare for the math and science assessments, they observed, classified and measured rocks.  For our conservation unit, the students first cut apart an apple to show how much of the earth’s surface is actually used for food production.  The students also watched an experiment showing soil erosion by water and they participated in a conservation play.  After the science assessment, the students will create a conservation poster for the Greenwood County Conservation District poster contest.  

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