Monday, November 11, 2013

Science Test Chapter 1

Here is the study guide that was sent home today.  The students have red flashcards for each of the vocabulary words.  They should also have a flower label/bean seed label worksheet to help them study.  The test will be on Thursday, November 14th.

Science Study Guide Chapter 1
Know vocab, parts of a flower and the life cycle of a bean for the test on Thursday Nov. 14th

reproduce- to make more of the same kind
classify- to sort into groups based on similarities and differences
conifer- a plant that makes seeds inside cones
spore- a tiny cell that can grow into a new plant
sepal- one of the leaflike parts that protects a flower bud
      that is usually green
pistil- part of a flower that makes the eggs that grow into seeds
stamen- part of a flower that makes pollen
pollen- tiny grains that make seeds when combined with a
       flower’s egg
pollination- the movement of pollen from a stamen to a pistil
ovary- the bottom part of the pistil in which seeds form
ovule- the inner part of an ovary that contains an egg
fertilization- the combination of sperm from a pollen grain with
            an egg to form a seed
embryo- tiny part of a seed that can grow into a new plant
monocot seed- a seed that has one seed leaf and stored food
             outside the seed leaf
dicot seed- a seed that has two seed leaves that contain stored
dormant- the resting stage of a seed

Parts of a flower lab

As part of our science unit on plants, the students got to dissect a lily and label the parts.  The best part was finding the eggs!  After each part was labeled, the students got their creative juices flowing and created a picture or design with the extra parts. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Book orders

4A book orders are due Friday, November 8th.  The new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book is in one of the book orders.  You can order online at and search for my name.